What Is Tantric Sexuality?

In your daily life, do you feel as if you’ve lost all those strong feelings that you once had when you were younger? Do you remember what sex felt like on the first time? Do you feel like you’ve lost that zest for life and lovemaking? These are all aspects about sex that the human mind and soul seems to lose over time with the increase in our life responsibilities. Sex has become only a passing pleasure, and not as electrifying as it use to be. Is there a way to get that back?

The tantra is Answer

The key to finding that spark again is to look into tantric sex. What is tantric sexuality? It is a way to bring back the life and energy into your sex life. Through various methods that thousands of years old, tantric sex has brought satisfying sexuality back to many people. Sex is no longer just something to enhance life, but it brings life back into the soul.

The Essence Of Tantra

Tantra literally means “to expand” or “to weave greater”. In fact, out of tantra came the art form of Kama Sutra. While Kama Sutra might be the art of lovemaking, transcendent and tantric sexuality is the philosophy or religion behind it.

There are a lot of ways to explain exactly what is tantric sexuality, but the important part is to ask not what must one do, but how must one think.

In the western mind, sex is merely a means of reproduction, but in the tantric sexual mind, sex is a source of energy and a birthright. Sex can bring you to the gates of the heavens, and it can expose your soul to your partner. That the essence of tantric sexuality.


Sex Unleashed

There are many sexual methods, but remember, tantric sex has more to do with what is in your mind and soul, and less to do with how you have sex. For instance, you have to think about how your energies are flowing from you to your partner and how your partner’s energy is flowing back to you. One way to capture that energy is to breathe in as your partner is breathing out. In essence, you are taking in his or her breath and they are taking in yours. This is one way to feel “one” in the moment.

Also, you will want to ensure that your sexual environment is conducive to the flow of energies. Such as, you will want to remove the clutter from your space, light some candles, play soft chanting music, and allow your body to enter a trance. In order to have transcendent sex, you need to put your mind and soul in trance.

Slow down, and make sure that you are conserving your energies. The key is to not work to the orgasm, but to allow your orgasm to last longer.

These are a few ways to delve deeper into the magical world of tantric sensuality, but perhaps the most straight one would be to start with sensual tantric massage.